Meet the Practitioners

Megan Soloy-Theil BSc ND Naturopathic Doctor

I was born in Sudbury Ontario and I have been down in southern Ontario now for 18 years, I love living in Port Stanley, but a slice of my heart is still northern. I have an honors degree in Science from the University of Waterloo, and my doctorate comes from the Canadian College of Naturopathic medicine. I graduated from CCNM in 2002 and started up my practice in St Thomas and Blenheim. My husband Kurt and I have 2 boys Ty and Kael. I love the flexibility of a practice that allows me to be home with my boys to see them grow and change. My passions for practice revolve around nutrition, hormonal concerns, pediatrics and family medicine. I am able to work in conjunction with a wide variety of other practitioners both in St Thomas and Blenheim. I love what I do and I am happy to be able to practice in St Thomas and Blenheim.


Susan Marie Purchase-Berry Office Manager

I am married to Dan Berry and I am a mother to our son Jamison. I was raised in St. Thomas by Gerald and Dorothy Purchase and I still live here. I have worked for Megan for 7 years as her office manager, personal assistant and part time nanny to her 2 boys. I always thought of myself as a worldly person, but I never knew people like Megan existed until an illness brought me to her. Her care and diagnosis has led me to be a firm believer in her and the Naturopathic field. I constantly search for ways to improve my health and lifestyle thru Megan and the courses she has encouraged me to take on Vitamins, Herbs, Aromatherapy and Nutrition. Every day I look forward to what the “office” and our patients will send my way.


Belinda Lidster (R.BIE). Certified Nutritional Consultant, Registered BioEnergetics Practitioner

I was born and raised in St. Thomas by Frank & Ingrid Sworik, and am now raising my own family here with my husband, Jason. We have two boys that keep us very busy! I have been working as a Dental Hygienist for 15yrs and continue to do so on a part time basis here in St. Thomas. I have always been passionate about health and nutrition, which led me to become a Certified Nutritional Consultant, and a Registered BioEnergetics Practitioner(R.BIE). A BioEnergetics Practitioner is trained in Biofeedback Analysis testing and BioEnergetics.The principle function of a R.BIE is to utilize Biofeedback Analysis testing to uncover discordant stressor energies contributing to homeostatic imbalance within the body. BIE Practitioners are trained and qualified to then utilize the simple, natural and non-invasive BIE modality to help enable one’s body to restore and maintain its balance (homeostasis), without the use of needles or drugs. An appointment is broken down into 2 parts, which are done within the same visit. Part 1 consists of stressor testing for Homeostatic imbalances. Part 2 is the BIE session to help achieve homeostasis. An initial visit would be between 60-90 minutes on length and includes both the stressor testing and BIE. Several visits may be required for multiple homeostatic imbalances. Follow-up BIE session appointments are generally 30 minutes in length. Once homeostasis is achieved, there is usually no need for subsequent or yearly visits for the same substance.


Kristen Lessard RMT Registerd Massage Therapist

I have been a registered massage therapist for 14 years in St Thomas. My husband Tyler and I have 3 high spirited children, between his business (Hugh’s heating and cooling), my work and our children, we are always active. I enjoy individualizing massage needs from relaxation to deep tissue. I believe in helping rehabilitate people on postural and muscle imbalances to optimize body function and to decrease pain. I have taken many courses throughout the years which help guide me in my treatment of your specific needs. My new passion is to make massage oils and skincare products to meet the demanding needs for people with allergies and the desire to be chemical free.



Brianne Richardson

I graduated from the Child and Youth Work program at Fanshawe College in 2008. I worked for a short time in a group home setting before continuing my studies and completing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Social Work degree in 2010 at Laurentian and Lakehead University, respectively. I began working at a crisis line followed by mental health case management for the first two years of my career. For the following 4 years, I worked as a mental health/addiction specialist to house people who struggled with chronic homelessness. I have recently changed positions and am working part time at a youth counseling clinic while also working casually in a child and youth residential home setting. I was born and raised in St. Thomas and still live here with my fiancé and his two children. I have always had a passion for listening and the desire to relieve people of their struggles. I strongly believe that having an objective person to speak with when life gets you down can provide that needed alternative perspective to change the way we are thinking and assist us to continue moving forward. Whether it be large or small, I look forward to the opportunity to lighten a burden and allow more space in one’s mind to enjoy life a little more.



Amanda House, HBKin, M.OMSc. Osteopathic Manual Therapist
Certified – Ontario Osteopathic Association (OOA)

Born and raised in St. Thomas, life took me away from the area for a number of years, but I’m happy to be back home.  I graduated from McMaster University in 2000 with an honors Kinesiology degree and a minor in Biology.  I worked for many years in the areas of fitness, health and rehabilitation.  Wishing to expand my expertise and help people with their recovery and long-term health, I returned to school.  Currently, I’m a 3rd year Osteopathy student at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy.  I have a passion for health and well-being, and when I’m not working with patients, I enjoy hiking, weight training, running, trying new recipes, reading, and time with my family and friends.

The body has a tremendous ability to heal itself, and this is the foundation of traditional osteopathic manipulative medicine.  As a manual therapist, I use non-invasive hands-on manual therapy to treat and strengthen the musculoskeletal framework (joints, muscles, spine).  The aim of treatment is to positively affect the body’s nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems; and to treat the root cause of your symptoms.  My treatments are customized to your individual needs based on an understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathology.